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  • Correcting Blind Spots in Mine Truck and Loader ... - Mining

    Jul 01, 2010· Further, this blind spot precludes the driver from seeing the ground area near the front wheels, which can often make the difference between staying on the haul road or veering from it.

  • Visibility Around Heavy Vehicles - SAAQ

    Mar 02, 2018· A blind spot is an area of the road outside the driver's field of vision that cannot be seen in the rear-view mirrors or through the windows. Every vehicle has blind spots In general, the taller and longer the vehicle, the bigger the blind spots.

  • Blind Area Study Blind Areas: Selected Mining Equipment

    Jul 22, 2006· Blind Area Study Large Mining Equipment . Blind area diagrams for selected mining vehicles . Contract 200-2005-M-12695 . John Steele, PhD, PE 1473 S. Eudora St. Denver, Colorado 80222-3527 T: 303-300-3573 E: [email protected] . July 22, 2006

  • Struck-By Incidents and Heavy Equipment - IHSA

    3.void Blind Spots A Every worker on the jobsite should know where the blind spots are located on different types of vehicles and equipment (Figure 2). If workers know where the blind spots are, they can avoid them. A good practice is to maintain eye contact with a driver or operator when working near heavy equipment.

  • Construction Vehicle and Equipment Blind Area Diagrams

    Blind Area Diagram for Construction Machine 1500 mm Plane Dozer (Manufacturer and Model) John 700H GVW 25,800 lb Serial # T0700HX906617 Machine Dimensions 10 wide (blade) 14 11 long Operator Enclosure Closed ROPS Attachments 10 wide, 311 high Power Angle & Tilt Blade Other Information None Measurement Technique ...

  • Working around Heavy Construction Equipment - California

    Develop diagrams to show how construction vehicles and heavy equipment will enter, move, and leave the work zone; Design the workspace so that backing up and blind spots are minimal; Establish ways to provide for well lit work areas; Traffic Control. Prevent unauthorized access to worksite. Establish parking areas for workers and visitors

  • Use of Flame Proof Equipment's in Mines (With Diagram)

    Oil filled equipment is not specified for group gases in B. S. 4683. [Note: The maximum joint gaps laid down in B. S. 229 are principally for the guidance of manufactures. When working on flameproof apparatus at a pit, the gap dimensions laid down by the mining electrical engineer must be adhered to if different from those specified above.]

  • Records of the U.S. Bureau of Mines | National Archives

    Aug 15, 2016· Photographs (255 images): Mines, mineral deposits, and mining equipment in California, taken by Frederick W. Horton, 1933 (FH). SEE ALSO 70.20. 70.4 RECORDS OF THE ECONOMICS BRANCH 1900-52. History: Established in 1926, as a research unit. Initially composed of Coal, Mines and Metals, Mineral Resources and Statistics, and Petroleum Economics ...

  • Backing vehicles - IHSA

    problem is blind spots around heavy equipment. If youre in a blind spot and the operator doesnt know youre there, you could be struck by heavy equipment. The hazards increase in congested areas where vehicles and heavy equipment are backing up all the time. Noise distracts people and dust makes it difficult to see and be seen.

  • Shortwall Mining | Introduction | underground COAL

    Shortwall Mining. This method of mining was developed in the late 1960's to take advantage of the then recent development of suitable hydraulic longwall supports, coupled with the productivity and low capital cost of continuous miners and shuttle cars.

  • What is Strip Mining? (with pictures)

    Mary McMahon Strip mining is done layers where the mining operations go slighter deeper with each pass. Strip mining is a type of surface mining which involves the removal of a thin layer of material known as an overburden to access buried deposits of useful minerals.This type of mining is only effective in areas where mineral deposits are very close to the surface, making it feasible to ...

  • Dual Band 4G LTE Signal Repeater Kit User Manual

    cover the blind area of mobile phone network. Signal repeater is suitable in which the weak or blind mobile signal location, such as remote mountainous, residential area, underground shopping mall, parking lots, supermarket, hotel, elevator, home, office, industrial and mining enterprise, etc. for indoor mobile phone signal amplification.

  • Mobile Equipment - Safety Training PDF Files

    Blind Area Study Report of blind spots for various types of mobile equipment. 27 Kb: Equipment Inspection Equipment checklist for light-duty vehicles. 74 Kb: Worker dies after being struck by reversing dump truck Tragic results occur when this vehicle's spotter places himself in the driver's blind

  • NIOSH Reports! Studies on Heavy Equipment Blind Spots and ...

    Definition of Blind Area ¾A blind area is the area around a vehicle or piece of construction equipment that is not visible to the operators, either by direct line-of

  • Blind Areas Around Construction Equipment

    Mar 10, 2009· Construction Vehicle and Equipment Blind Area DiagramsBlind Area Diagrams 2003 & 2004 Final Reports2003 & 2004 Final Reports. Sample Pages. .CDC.GOV/ NIOSH/TOPICS/ HIGHWAYWORKZ ONES. Detection Zones Generator. Blind Area Diagram Usage. David E FosbrokeDavid E. Fosbroke NIOSH

  • Vehicle blind spot - Wikipedia

    A blind spot in a vehicle is an area around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver while at the controls, under existing circumstances. Blind spots exist in a wide range of vehicles: aircraft, cars, motorboats, sailboats, and trucks. Other types of transport have no blind spots at all, such as bicycles, horses, and motorcycles. ...

  • Haul truck driving - Department of Mines, Industry ...

    Mining trucks pose a significant hazard to employees, other vehicles and equipment because of their size, weight and power and the drivers limited visibility from the cabin. WHAT CAN HAPPEN Injury or death can result from: collision caused by: light vehicles or employees in blind spot poor visibility or unseen obstacles

  • Mobile Equipment - Safety Training PDF Files

    Blind Area Study Report of blind spots for various types of mobile equipment. 27 Kb: Equipment Inspection Equipment checklist for light-duty vehicles. 74 Kb: Worker dies after being struck by reversing dump truck Tragic results occur when this vehicle's spotter places himself in the driver's blind spot. 24 Kb: Vehicle Pre-Operation Checklist

  • Visibility Blind Spots on the Construction Site

    Feb 19, 2010· 469 vehicle -heavy equipment-related construction deaths 279 occurred on construction sites (59%) 42% involved heavy equipment 23% involved trucks ... Blind Area Small Mirror Visibility Large Mirror Visibility Scale 500 1000 1100 1900 1800 . 325B 1500 mm Level 3100 2700 2300 1900 1800 Blind Area Mirror Visibility

  • Blind Spots Around Construction Equipment: Stay Out

    created equipment blind-area diagrams. These diagrams give us great insight on the operator's field of view. Here is an example of the field of view around a tri-axle dump truck: The grey area in the diagram depicts the area around the truck that cannot be seen from the operator's position. It shows the size of blind areas relative to the ...

  • Safety: How to Improve Operator Visibility | |

    When youre operating some of the largest machines in the world in active, complex mining environments you need to be aware of everything around you. Thats why improving visibility is high on the list of safety initiatives for mining companies. Using a combination of site design and technology, mining companies are taking advantage of every option for increased visibility for ...

  • Underground mining block caving, bore hole, drift fill ...

    Underground mining is carried out when the rocks, minerals, or precious stones are located at a distance far beneath the ground to be extracted with surface mining. To facilitate the minerals to be taken out of the mine, the miners construct underground rooms to work in.


    Shaft Sinking and Mining Contractors Conference 2009 D Visser Page 4 Picture 1 Increased discharge holes on 3, 8 metre reamer base to prevent blocking of reamer. See discharged holes indicated with the red dotted lines. 4. Construction Of Laydown Area. The laydown area was prepared to accommodate the raise bore site and simultaneously have

  • Basic Mine Ventilation - miningquiz

    Through any area - Not examined under § 75.360, § 75.361 or § 75.364, or Second mining has been done By an opening of unsealed area WORKjNG SECTIONS AND WORKING § 75,332 Separate intake split for each Working section Area where equipment is being installed or removed Set of equipment simultaneotßly mining on

  • 11.19.1 Sand And Gravel Processing - US EPA

    Mining methods depend primarily on the degree of cementation of the rock. In some deposits, blasting is required to loosen the material prior to processing. The material may undergo primary crushing at the mine site before being transported to the processing plant. Figure 11.19.1-2 is a flow diagram for industrial sand and gravel processing.

  • Forklift Blind Spots Are Unforgiving | The Safety Brief

    Feb 02, 2016· 5. Be Ready For Varying Conditions. Lighting, weather and other changing things can impact visibility, making blind spots even more difficult to navigate. Drivers should use extra caution, i.e. slow down, when conditions change. (2:26) Thats all for this episode, Forklift Blind Spots Are Unforgiving. Join me again for more ways to stay ...

  • Unit 16 Mine Development - Mining and Blasting

    LHD equipment, ramps or declines are popular ways of developing a dipping deposit. The ramp is normally driven in the footwall at a grade of 10 to 15%. Ramp : a heading containing horizontal curves used to as a transport corridor for rubber-tired mobile equipment. Decline : a straight heading suitable for installation of belt

  • Isuzu Blind Area Diagram - Amazon Web Services

    Blind Area Diagram PCC 4930 SIZE FSCM NO DWG NO REV 1.0 1.0 SCALE 1:100 SHEET 4 OF 7 Blind Area Visibility only via Mirrors / Camera or head out drivers side window Unobstructed view 00 2700 900 3150 2250 1350 450 Vision obstructed by mirrors Vision obstructed by bonnet and cabin pillar 2m 4m 6m 8m 10m 12m 14m 16m An average height person (1 ...

  • Room and pillar mining - Wikipedia

    Room and pillar (variant of breast stoping), is a mining system in which the mined material is extracted across a horizontal plane, creating horizontal arrays of rooms and pillars. To do this, "rooms" of ore are dug out while "pillars" of untouched material are left to support the roof overburden.Calculating the size, shape, and position of pillars is a complicated procedure, and is an area of ...

  • Shaft sinking 2 - SlideShare

    May 26, 2016· VSM Vertical Shaft sinking Machine Shaft installation in difficult ground conditions especially under ground water requires special equipment. Till today, with the help of several Vertical Shaft Boring Machines (VSM) dozens of shafts have been sunken in a variety of ground conditions. They have a drill diameter of 5 to 10 meters and ...

  • The Best Blind Spot Detection Systems (Review) in 2020 ...

    Oct 21, 2019· Once a car enters the blind spot area from any corner, the system will instantly notify the driver via an audible buzzer and LED indicator. Car owners can install the buzzer anywhere and still be able to hear it thanks to the adjustable volume feature. Each blind spot sensor kit comes with waterproof sensors and has a detection range of 3 to 10 ...

  • Planning Your Bitcoin Mining Operation Block Operations

    Jul 10, 2016· Bitcoin mining hardware is the first and most important part of the operation. If you cant get good equipment at a good price, you might as well stop right there. At this point in time, the best equipment to buy is the Bitmain Antminer S9. You should be able to generate about 0.5 Bitcoin per month (as of July 2016, post-halvening).

  • Respecting the blind spots of large ... - International Mining

    Jan 08, 2015· It shows blind spot diagrams for several models of large haul trucks, and warns that nothing in the red areas is visible on the ground. But its too easy to dismiss a simple diagram, because it has limited relevance when youre sitting in the cab of a large haul truck, two stories off the ground.

  • Blind Spots Study - miningquiz

    Blind Spots Study Large Mining Equipment Dozers D11R - 124 Tons 39 Long x 10 Wide x 6½ Tall Cab - Closed ROPS Single Shank Ripper Haul Trucks Euclid EH4500 - 480 Tons 46Long x 27 Wide x 23 Tall Cab - Closed ROPS No Attachments Graders 16G Motor Grader - 27 Tons Dimensions - 38x10x12 Cab - Closed ROPS Attachments Rear Drag Blade Shovel EX5500 ...

  • 1.1 PHASES OF A MINING PROJECT - ELAW Open-pit mining Open-pit mining is a type of strip mining in which the ore deposit extends very deep in the ground, necessitating the removal of layer upon layer of overburden and ore. In many cases, logging of trees and clear-cutting or burning of vegetation above the ore deposit may precede removal of the overburden. The

  • OPEN CAST MINE PLANNING - Mining and Blasting

    6) Nature of deposits (influences site, area method of work, & equipments of mining) 7) Availability of equipment 8) Existing work culture Surface mining Advantages 1) Higher % recovery of coal. 2) No problems of roof control, ventilation, etc, & less hazards & dangers 3) Early extraction & Quick return of capital 4) Large output possible

  • Side View & Blind Spot Camera Installed National Auto ...

    The blind spot camera can share a monitor with other cameras like your existing backup camera. In some cases this may require a special adapter or interface, especially if you have a factory radio. Normally the blind spot camera is wired to show its picture on the monitor when you turn your turn signal on to show your intention of changing ...

  • Miners died while their bosses refused safety equipment

    Jun 26, 2019· A 240-ton truck the size of a two-story house, designed to lug rock, drove over the smaller vehicle, flattening it. Benavidez, 52, was caught in one of the haul trucks blind spots and crushed to death. The mining industry has known for decades about these blind spots and the role they played in dozens of deaths.

  • Vehicle/Mobile Equipment and Visibility Hazards in Mining ...

    Jan 05, 2017· Visibility is an issue in about half of all mining fatalities involving mobile equipment, according to Workplace Safety North. Duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act Employers, supervisors, and workers have duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act ( OHSA ) and the Regulation for Mines and Mining Plants .

  • mining technology - SlideShare

    Dec 16, 2014· mining technology 1. Mining Technology Ed Mort Commercial Representative Global Mining Division February 2011 2. 2 MineStar System is an integrated mine operations and mobile equipment management system, with multiple capability sets that customers can tailor to suit their unique needs. 3.